Thinking of selling your home?

Thinking of Selling your home?

Once you decide to sell your home, the next step is to choose an Estate Agent that’s right for you. This is not easy because no two agents are the same. Service and performance vary massively between agents. Fees vary too. So, when choosing an agent, its tempting to just go with the cheapest. But like anything you can buy, cheapest is very rarely the best. And when it comes to selling your home, you need to select the agent that you believe will get you the most money for your home, not necessarily the one quoting the lowest fee. After all, would you rather save a few hundred on fees or get thousands more for your property?

So, why choose Mark Antony Estates?

Reason #1

Outstanding performance
Independent research assessed the performance of over 18,000 estate agents, and concluded that we are amongst the top 5% in the whole country! If you really want the highest selling price for your home – choose Mark Antony Estates.


Reason #2

Exceptional service
We are the most highly rated Estate Agent in Warrington. In fact, thanks to our customers, we have more 5 STAR reviews than all other local agents put together. For the very highest standard of service – choose Mark Antony Estates.


What our sellers say…



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What next?

If you are thinking of selling your home (now or in the future) your first step is to arrange a home visit with one of our Local Property Experts.

We’d be delighted to meet you at your property at a time convenient to you. Our advice is completely free and we can discuss with you:

MA-Tick-25Local property values and market demand

MA-Tick-25The potential value of your home and best time to sell

MA-Tick-25Practical steps you can make to maximise your home’s saleability

MA-Tick-25How we’ll promote and sell your home to get you the most money

Click here to book a home visit with one of our Local Property Experts or call: 01925 377202 (24/7)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a For-Sale Board ? 

YES ! We have seen up to 30% of enquiries from a For-Sale Board. You wouldn’t want to hide your property from all those potential buyers would you? Remember, selling property quickly and for the highest price is about reaching as many buyers as possible.

Should I do my own viewings ? 

If you are confident and know how to conduct a viewing professionally, then maybe….
We get best results when we show prospective purchasers around for 2 main reasons. Firstly, by the time the viewing takes place, we have already built up a rapport with the buyer and know what they are looking for. We can then tailor our approach to highlight the key elements of your home that will appeal to them the most. Secondly, viewers are often too polite to give homeowners useful feedback directly. This makes it difficult to objection handle if we don’t know their true feelings. On the other hand, viewers are much more likely to tell our viewing representative what they really think.

All Estate Agents are the same.... right? 

No. There are one or two exceptional local agents, several mediocre agents, and a couple of really bad ones. Service and performance varies massively. Here is just one example:
According to Rightmove, Mark Antony Estates achieved the highest number of detailed views per property per day at 140. The poorest performing WA4 agent achieved just 53.

Which agent do you think is likely to sell quicker and for more?

(Rightmove data Jan-Jun’17)

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