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Mark Bridge (MNAEA), Director & Owner

Are you feeling stuck in a slow sales market?
Receiving minimal interest in your property despite your best efforts?
Perhaps you’re currently holding off, anticipating a better market, but is this delay placing your entire life on pause?

Imagine, instead, your current home generating your income while you embark on a new journey in life...
Whatever personal, family, or circumstantial factors pressure you to relocate, the rest of your life doesn’t need to stop. In a time-sensitive scenario, renting out your current home could be the beacon of hope you need to progress.
Is now really a good time to rent out your home?
The short answer is yes. The rental market is currently in extremely high demand, with a shortage of available rentals, particularly houses, compared to apartments. With property supply decreasing and demand not following suit, now is the right time to look at renting out your house if you want to move on quickly. It's a sound investment too!

You may be worried about sharing a house that you and your family have built a strong emotional attachment to, but consider that renting it out will allow you to find a new place to build new memories and grow in ways that would have been impossible if you had not moved.
Consider that the rental income from your current home could surpass the mortgage costs for your new property. This new financial prospect could reshape your possibilities.
Not only additional income, but also capital growth on two properties, not just one!

Renting out your house could provide a steady income stream, helping cover mortgage payments, taxes, and maintenance costs. The value of your rented property should increase over time whilst being rented out, not to mention that renting out your property allows you the flexibility to return if your circumstances change. 
Rental payments from tenants will contribute towards building equity in your property, potentially allowing your assets to increase over time, like your old house is working for you. Over time, consistent rental income can significantly aid you in paying off your mortgage.

Additionally, retaining your previous property makes you chain-free and more attractive to sellers. Renting out your current home could potentially be the smartest move you could make. 

Whether this is a short-term solution to your property stuck on the sales market, or part of a broader investment strategy; by turning your old home into an income-generating asset, you’re not just moving house; you’re taking strides towards financial stability and expanding your family’s opportunities.

Conclusion: definitely YES! 
You could secure your family’s future with the decision to rent out your current home. This isn’t just a logistical step, it’s a smart and strategic move to consider strongly. It’s about moving on with your life, paving the way for future gains, and leveraging the market dynamics to your advantage. 

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